Durango Equine Veterinary Clinic

20908 W. Durango St.

Buckeye, AZ 85326

Phone 623-386-2928

Fax 623-386-7914

Website: www.durangoequine.com

 Externs/ Preceptors Accepted– preferably at least 2 weeks duration & during spring season (Feb-June), will accept year round.

4 Doctor Equine Exclusive Practice: All doctors in the practice are active members of the AVMA, AAEP, and AZVMA.

Lloyd H. Kloppe, DVM, DACT- owner of the practice since 1988

Traci Hill Hulse, DVM- Associate of Durango Equine since 1995

Maggie Loomer, DVM- Associate since 2013

Courtnee Morton, DVM- Intern 2017-2018

Durango Equine is located in the Southwest corner of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. We have a large farm and clinic as well as an active ambulatory practice. Dr. Kloppe is board certified in theriogenology which he focuses on exclusively during the breeding season. Dr. Kloppe breeds over 100 mares at the clinic with fresh and frozen semen, and also performs multiple embryo transfers. Several breeding stallions stand at the clinic. We foal-out mares at the clinic and perform a lot of routine & emergency neonatal work.

We also perform a lot of general equine medicine & surgery with a specialty in dentistry. Dr. Loomer offers chiropractic exams and treatments. We have 2 digital ultrasound machines,  3 Powerfloats, 2 dental dremels,  a video endoscope, and a portable digital radiograph machine. We see a variety of equine breeds and disciplines. We perform elective surgeries including cryptorchids, hernia repair, enucleation, cryosurgery, urethral extensions, colpotomies, etc. We do not perform orthopedic, abdominal, or arthroscopic surgeries.

Housing and transportation to/from the airport is available for externs.

For students from the United States, we offer a $150/ week stipend for those students who stay 3 weeks or longer.

Externs are accepted year round, however if the student is interested in reproduction, it is imperative they visit our practice February- June.

If you are interested in an externship, please contact Dr. Lloyd Kloppe by phone #623-386-2928 or email:  Dr.Kloppe@durangoequine.com. More information on our externships is available on the AAEP’s website under “Avenues”.