Fecal Egg Counts

The hot topic in equine medicine is parasite control. If you have been reading any of the horse magazines this last year, strategic deworming is the current recommendation for parasite control. Recent studies have shown that many equine internal parasites are now becoming resistant to many of our dewormers. It is now recommended to have Fecal Egg Counts (FEG) performed on your horse’s manure to check for egg shedding. Horses are categorized into high, medium or low shedders. If your horse has a high FEG, a more aggressive deworming program will be recommended by your veterinarian. If your horse has a low FEG, fewer deworming treatments will be recommended by your veterinarian. The goal is to reduce unnecessary deworming for those horses who don’t need it and increase deworming for those horses whose manure is contaminating the environment to reduce shedding. We are now offering Fecal Egg Counts at our clinic.

 We can take a small manure sample (one fecal ball or less) when we come out for routine vet work or you can drop it off anytime at the clinic (no appointment necessary). The cost is $15 per sample or $12 per sample if you have 5 or more horses tested. Tests will be run routinely on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but you can drop a sample off anytime. Just collect a small amount of manure, put in a plastic bag, and keep in refrigerator until you can bring it in.