Breeding Season 2017 Fees

2017 Breeding Season Fees

Typical charges for breeding a mare on the farm with shipped semen or from locally collected semen
average $650-$750 per heat cycle. The overall fertility rate is a little less than two heat cycles per
pregnancy (50%+ mares are pregnant on the first heat cycle) It is important to remember that some
mares may not be pregnant after breeding multiple heat cycles.


Board is in addition to these charges. You may be required to pay 1 months board in advance for those horses staying  for reproduction services.

For shipping semen we require a valid credit card number to be on file. You may be required to place a deposit of $300 prior to reproduction services. All reproduction services need to be paid in full along with any board services before the mares and or stallions leave the facility. After billing, any deposit credit remaining will be refunded at the end of the breeding season.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call us. We do accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards for your convenience.

Veterinary Care:

Durango Equine Veterinary Clinic
Lloyd H. Kloppe, DVM, DACT
Traci H. Hulse, DVM     Maggie Loomer, DVM


Command Performance Horse Farm
Mares and Geldings: $19/day or $390/month
Mare with Foal on side: $23/day or $490/month
Stallions: $23/day or $490/month

Additional Services:

Blanketing/Un-Blanketing $3/day or $75/month
Mares Under Lights: $30/month


Office Visit    $25.00

Semen Shipment Fed Ex   130+

Ultrasound exam, initial, in clinic    $72.00

Semen Shipment Fed Ex-Sat   140+

Ultrasound exam, initial, Farm Call    $75.00

Ultrasound recheck, in clinic    $62.00

Semen Shipment Airline   125+

Caslicks    $77.00

PGF2 (Estrumate Injection)    $20.00

Semen Packaging   $32.00

Deslorelin Injection    $60.00

Equitainer Rental   $30.00

Stallion Collection, initial    $290.00

Equitainer Return fedex   $30-$125+

Stallion Collection,  subsequent    $225.00

Airport Courier (each trip)   $125.00

Live Cover Assist    $105.00

Fed Ex Courier (each trip)   $75-$120

Insemination,  each time    $70.00

Scottsdale Courier (each trip)   $140.00

After hours insemination    $100.00

Foaling Fee (board not included)   $1,100.00

Foaling Fee includes: use of Foal Alert Monitor and 1st plasma transfer, newborn baby/mare exam, dip navel, IgG test and enema. Plus the monitoring of mare and/or baby throughout the process

Embryo Flush (per cycle)    1200-1600

Embryo Flush    $395.00     
Embryo Packaging Includes: Semen Packaging/ Airline Fees/ Courier Fees and Container Rental    $300.00    

Uterine Flush-3L LRS    $125.00     (Plus 10.00/L >3 Liters) 

Uterine Flush-Retained Placenta    $150.00

Stallion Breeding Soundness: ( Includes 2 stallion collections, culture, longevity and morphology)   $800.00

Uterine Culture/Cytology    $180.00

Mare Breeding Soundness: Includes ultrasound, vaginal exam, culture and biopsy   $400.00

Uterine Cultrue/Cytology/US    $240.00

Uterine Culture/Cytology/US/Biopsy    $400.00

Oxytocin: per injection    $5.00

Scottsdale Courier-each trip          $140

 “Standing your stallions and caring for your mares during the 2017 breeding season would be our pleasure”