Equine Dentistry



State of the Art dentistry. We sedate all horses, do a full oral exam, and use personalized dental charts. We use a headlight, full-mouth speculum, head stand, and powerfloat to float teeth. We also have specialized hand dremels for more detailed dental work including bit seats, incisor and hook corrections, and canine reductions. We have a digital x-ray machine if radiographs are needed of the mandible or maxilla, teeth or skull.

Unlike lay dentists (non-veterinarian dentists), our doctors and are fully licensed, insured and trained to perform equine dentals and sedate your horse.  Because we are also doctors, we can also perform exams, diagnose and prescribe medications if needed, give any pain meds if needed, perform nerve blocks during specialized procedures, and take radiographs. Dr. Traci Hulse has also taken several advanced dentistry courses in extractions, occlusal equilibration, nerve blocks and skull radiology.


  • Powerfloat & equine dental dremels used- all motorized equipment
  • Miniature horse dentistry with a specialized head stand, speculum and stream-line floats. We now also have a Mini-Makita. A specially designed powerfloat made just for miniature horses!
  • Head stands for horses and miniatures
  • Hand dremels for more detailed work
  • Periodontal exam kits
  • Incisor and molar extractions
  • Digital radiography
  • Oral exam included with each dental
  • Bit seats
  • Incisor corrections
  • Canine reductions
  • Wave mouth, hooks & ramp corrections
  • Wolf teeth extractions
  • Occlusal equilibration


Mini-Makita “miniature” powerfloat

mini speculum.jpg

Miniature with full-mouth speculum

newsletter pix.jpg

Radiograph of infected #411 molar (last lower molar on right)


Horse during molar extraction


Molar extraction tools! Not for the faint of heart!